Trademark Academy

Verification and registration

The initial verification, comprising of a comprehensive assessment and similarity screening, is a key step in trademark registration. Essentially, it is this verification that shapes the consequent success of the registration by mitigating the risk of refusal by the intellectual property office as well as the risk of oppositions from the owners of existing trademarks. We believe that every client should understand the risk associated with registering their trademark and it is the free verification done within 24 hours that allows us to understand the clients’ needs and provide tailored recommendations on the best course of action. While other providers of trademark registration services typically charge around $200 for this type of service, we provide verification free of charge as our promise to our future clients.

Verification with Trama: Step-by-step

There are three main criteria that a trademark needs to meet in order to be successfully registered. First, it needs to display a sufficient level of distinctiveness. As a result, generic or descriptive terms cannot be registered. Secondly, the existence of an identical trademark within the specified area of use results in the refusal by the intellectual property office. Thirdly, a registered trademark protects not only against identical trademarks but also against similar brands. This means that the owners of similar trademarks that have already been registered may raise oppositions preventing a successful registration. Our verification process is designed specifically for the purpose of assessing these potential risks, resulting in more tailored recommendations for individual clients on the best course of action.

All we need to carry out our comprehensive assessment and similarity screening is the name / logo that you wish to trademark, a rough overview of the type of products / services that you use or will use the trademark for, list of countries in which you wish to register the trademark and contact details so that we can send you our result.

Protecting brands on a global scale

The very idea behind the launch of Trama was to ensure that every brand can be effectively protected through simple, fast and affordable trademark registration. We continuously strive to make the registration process as simple as possible, removing obstacles that may hinder entrepreneurs’ efforts to protect their most valuable asset - their brand. Relying on technological innovations, we have streamlined the whole process of drafting and filing trademark applications. While technology allows us to make things easier and more convenient for our clients, it is the human touch of our experienced trademark attorneys that ensures high success rate and great client experience.

Moreover, intellectual property offices in individual countries often allow only citizens or domiciled trademark attorneys to file a trademark application. This means that citizens from one country really need the help of foreign trademark attorneys to protect their brand internationally. Our network of in-house trademark attorneys and close external partners allows us to represent our clients in all major jurisdictions, including the European Union, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China. In collaboration with our extensive network of external partners, we can effectively protect and safeguard our clients’ trademarks globally.

Registration with Trama: Step-by-step

After receiving the verification result, our clients are invited to take a close look at the result which highlights the potential risks as well as our recommended course of action. The next steps could not be any simpler. We just need the details about the intended owner of the trademark, outline of the goods and services for which the trademark should be registered, payment and a signed power of attorney form. In turn, our legal team reviews all information, prepares the draft of the application for the approval by the client and consequently files on their behalf.

An extra scoop provided by Trama can be found in the ability of our clients to track the progress of their applications and manage their trademark portfolios in our trademark management platform.