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About Trama

Trademark one-stop-shop Trama was founded by Igor Demcak in 2020 with the vision of protecting the heart & soul of businesses by making trademark registration simple, fast and affordable.

Legal-tech startup Trama combines the best of two worlds - trademark attorneys and technological innovators. “As I have gained more and more experience in registering trademarks, I have started to notice repetitive tasks that could be easily automated”, explains Igor Demcak. “Partnership with Vacuumlabs, a leading software house, has allowed us to develop a legal-tech solution that allows us to do things differently, supporting our mission of ensuring that every brand can be effectively protected.”

“It is a combination of things that sets us apart from others. As part of our promise to provide the best advice and service, our process starts with a free verification within 24 hours. This allows us to better understand the needs of our clients and provide more tailored recommendations on the best course of action.”

By 2021, Trama has established its presence in all major jurisdictions, including the European Union, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China, offering truly global brand protection services.

With over 2,000 trademarks registered by November 2021, additional services have been added to the portfolio. Continuous brand monitoring, trademark management portal and advanced IP legal services together with a streamlined trademark registration process enable us to offer truly end-to-end brand protection for our clients.