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Amazon Brand Registry

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon introduced its Brand Registry in May 2017 with the goal of enhancing the protection and performance of brands selling on Amazon. Amazon Brand Registry is a powerful program for anyone selling their own brand on Amazon, which offers tools to protect your brand, enhance your reputation, and customize the shopper experience. A registered trademark is one of the key requirements for enrolling in this program. In practical terms, enrollment in Amazon Brand Registry has resulted in a 99% reduction in the number of suspected infringements, with 2.5 million bad actor accounts being banned and over 6 billion suspected harmful listings being blocked. 

Eligibility for enrolling in the Brand Registry

Suitability for Amazon Brand Registry includes sellers who:

  • Make or manufacture their own products; 

  • Brand white-labeled products; 

  • Own a private label brand; or

  • Have express permission to distribute and own a brand on Amazon.

To be eligible for Amazon Brand Registry, your brand must have an active registered trademark in each country where you wish to enroll or have a pending trademark application. The trademark for your brand must be in the form of a text-based mark (word mark) or an image-based mark with words, letters, or numbers (design mark). This trademark must also appear on your products or packaging. 

Amazon currently accepts trademarks that have been registered in the following jurisdictions: the United States, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Singapore, Spain, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, the European Union, and the United Arab Emirates.

Benefits of enrolling in Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry was established to protect its sellers from brand infringement but also to help them enhance their brand and increase traffic through the use of a range of available tools and features. In other words, being a part of the Amazon Brand Registry will allow you to:

·         Grow your brand:  With Brand Registry, you can protect your brand and unlock tools to tell your story. After enrollment, you will qualify for a 5% bonus on your first £800,000 in branded sales, £160 in credits toward Amazon Vine to kickstart product reviews, and £80 in credits for Transparency to help protect your brand.

·         Scale your business : Let Amazon pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for your orders with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). You can save on inbounding inventory (£80 in credits with Amazon Partnered Carrier Program or £160 in credits with Amazon Global Logistics), plus get free monthly storage, liquidations, and return processing for eligible products.

·         Promote your products: Reach more customers with Amazon ads. Amazon offers you £160 toward Sponsored Products (FBA Sellers only) and £40 toward Vouchers.

Amazon Brand Registry made easier with Trama

Trama has partnered with Amazon to allow its clients to enjoy new seller incentives through Amazon Brand Registry. New Seller Incentives are based on Amazon’s Perfect Launch playbook for new sellers—a set of programs backed by data science and designed to help fuel seller growth in the critical early days of selling on Amazon. This wide range of tools and services within one powerful playbook will ensure that new sellers can make the best use of the critical timeframe to generate more sales and establish continuous stable growth. 

Registering a trademark through Trama allows you to make full use of Amazon Brand Registry in a simplified way. Once the trademark application is submitted, you will get a filing number that you can use to access Amazon Brand Registry even before the trademark is registered. Following the agreement, brands registered through Trama can receive further account management services offered by Amazon. 

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