What is the cost breakdown of trademark registration?

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The fees payable directly to the Intellectual Property Offices would breakdown into two categories:

  1. Registration fees
  2. Follow-up or maintenance fees

Registration fees would be the costs payable directly to the IP office upon lodging the trademark application. A trademark application as standard includes the costs for trademark registration in one trademark class, with each additional class being quoted at a separate extra fee. In this article, you can find more information on how this price structure works.

Follow-up or maintenance fees are paid either during the registration process (such as in the case of a US filing under an 'Intent to Use' filing basis) or after the trademark has been registered. In addition, on the 10th anniversary of the trademark, the trademark holder will have an option to pay for the renewal of their trademark for another 10 years.

Bear in mind that these are just government fees. If you are filing the trademark application through a representative, they will charge you an additional fee for their services.

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