How much does it cost to register a trademark?

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The cost of trademark registration depends on multiple factors, and the final price will generally range between a couple hundred and a couple of thousand USD. These factors are:

  1. The number and list of countries you want to register your trademark in,
  2. the number of classes of goods and services you will list on the application,
  3. whether you will file your application yourself or through a representative, and
  4. whether you are applying for any grants.

Let's break these points down:

1. Countries

Each country's IP Office has its own price list, ranging from a $100 base price in New Zealand to €850 base price in the European Union. If you want to register your trademark in multiple countries, these fees will add up. There's an option to file a single application in numerous countries at once through the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), but some restrictions apply, and also, this option tends to be cheaper only from five countries up.

2. Classes of goods and services

Classes of goods and services describe your business offering and define the scope of legal protection once your trademark is registered. In simple terms, your protection will be valid only in the context of the goods/services you are offering. There are 45 predefined classes, from which you'll choose the ones best describing your current and future offering. There's no strict guideline as to how many classes you must choose, as this will depend on want your business does. On average, owners of registered trademarks tend to register 2-3 classes.

Example: If you manufacture T-shirts, you'll file your trademark in Class 25 - Clothing. However, if your product portfolio also includes Leather vests, you will probably want to consider adding Class 18 - Leather products.

How it influences the price: IP offices usually charge a base price for the application, which includes one class. Additional classes are then charged with an extra fee per class. This extra class fee differs between jurisdictions and ranges between €35-€250 for each additional class.

3. Third-party service fees

If you are using the help of an attorney, law firm, or a dedicated online legal service, note that additional fees for their services will apply.

4. Grants

Some jurisdictions issue regular grants you can apply for, such as EUIPO's SME Fund. However, bear in mind that they can take the form of a cash-back rather than a discount.

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