The IPO website shows my personal details, including my address. Is there any way this can be removed from the public seeing this associated with my trademark registration?

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The visibility of personal details associated with a trademark registration can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the specific requirements and practices of the trademark office. However, in many cases, personal details such as the applicant's name and address are considered public information and may be accessible to the public through the trademark office's database or other sources.

To address concerns about the public visibility of your personal details, you may consider the following options:

  • Use a Business Address: Instead of using your personal residential address, consider using a business address as the contact address for your trademark registration. This can help separate your personal and business information.
  • Private or Proxy Registration: Some jurisdictions offer options for private or proxy registration, which allow you to provide alternative contact details that are not publicly visible. This can be done through the use of a third-party service or through specific privacy programs provided by the trademark office. However, availability and requirements for private or proxy registration can vary, so it's important to check with your local trademark office for more information.
  • Non-Disclosure of Personal Information: Some trademark offices allow the non-disclosure of certain personal information, such as the residential address, in certain circumstances. This typically requires demonstrating a legitimate need for privacy and may involve additional documentation or requests.
  • Consult an Attorney: It's advisable to consult an intellectual property attorney or professional experienced in trademark law in your jurisdiction. They can provide guidance on the specific rules and options available for protecting your personal information associated with your trademark registration.

Remember that while you can take steps to protect your personal information, complete anonymity may not always be possible in the context of trademark registration. The availability of privacy measures and the extent of personal information disclosed can vary by jurisdiction.

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